NCERT CLASS 7 Mathematics Chapter 9 Rational Number explanation and solution

Chapter 9 Rational number exercise explanation

All integers and fractions can be categorized as a rational number, the only exception is that the denominator of a rational number will never be zero. There are many properties and features of Rational numbers. NCERT Chapter 9 Rational number explains all the properties and possible operations that can be performed on them.

Rational number Exercise 9.2 question 4 solution and explanation

In exercise 9.2 question 4 students need to find the value of the given rational number. They need to perform certain operations to arrive at the final result. One should not worry about the concept as the instructor will revising the related concepts before solving the question. Students can refer to for a complete explanation and solution of question 4 of exercise 9.2. All the study material and resources are accurate and 100% reliable. The explanation and solution of the exercise question of Chapter 9 are prepared according to the latest syllabus of CBSE.

CBSE 7th class Mathematics Chapter 9 exercise explanation and solution free download

The rational number chapter is a very important chapter. Students should solve the exercise at home after studying the concept in school. This will help you in forming a clear understanding of the concept studied earlier. The all-inclusive explanation of Question number 4 of exercise 9.2 is provided at

All the steps are solved using an easy approach and in-depth so that students don’t face any problem in comprehending them. Students can also download these videos from the website and can refer to them whenever they find difficulty in understanding any step. These videos can also be referred for examination and test preparation as the video provides concise and to the point description and solution of all the questions.

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