NCERT Class 8 chapter 1 Rational numbers

Exercise 1.1 Question 11 exercise explanation and solution

For the students of class 8 Rational number is the first chapter of mathematics. The rational number consists of the whole number, integers, and natural number. This chapter deals with both terminating and non-terminating decimal numbers. In question 11 students need to fill in the blanks. These questions are based on the concepts of rational numbers. Before doing this you need to be clear with all the concepts given in chapter 1 Rational numbers.

Exercise 1.1 is the initial exercise of the chapter. This exercise deals with basics concepts like distributive and commutative laws. These questions will help students in revising all the concepts. If two rational numbers are added or subtracted the resultant will also be a rational number. The rational number topic is continued in the 9th and 10th grades also. Students should grasp a complete understanding of this chapter so that they can excel in higher classes.

8th class Mathematics chapter rational numbers exercise solution free pdf download

Question number 11 is a part of exercise 1.1. At students will find solutions to all the exercise questions of Rational Numbers. All the solutions are explained in detail by the experts. All the questions are elucidated in a step-by-step approach. If you find any problem or come across any doubt you can refer to the detailed and complete explanation of all the topics at Students can refer to these solutions before examinations for quick revision.

Solving these questions will enhance the confidence of the students and they will be able to solve them during the exam without any difficulty. These solutions will also help in solving your school homework. You can also download these videos for future reference. Students who wish to score good marks are advised to solve all the questions given at the end of the chapter. You can refer to the summary of chapter 1 Rational numbers for complete understanding.

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