NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Algebraic Expressions and Identities solution

Ex 9.4 Question 1 solution explanation

A single term or a combination of two or more terms connected by plus(+)or minus(-) signs, forms an algebraic expression. An algebraic expression must have one term. In NCERT Class 8 exercise 9.4 question 1 the students need to multiply given binomials. Algebra plays a very important role in mathematics.

Identities are also algebraic expressions in which both the LHS(Left-hand side) and RHS (right-hand side)of the equation are equal. There are majorly 6 types of Algebraic expressions. Some of them are Monomial expression, Binomial expression, quadratic polynomial, and so on. This chapter also explains how to prove identities using various laws such as distributive law, etc.

Exercise 9.4 question 1 step by step solutions are provided at This video explains each question given in the exercise with a detailed description. This explanation will help students in getting thorough with addition, subtraction, and multiplication of algebraic expressions.

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