NCERT Class 8 Square and square root exercise 6.4 solution

Exercise 8.4 solution of Square and square root

Square and the square root is an easy chapter of the class 8 maths syllabus. But very often students get confused between square and square root and how to find them. To find the square, the number is multiplied to itself twice and the square root is an inverse operation of squaring.

Exercise 8.4 solution is a subpart of the complete solution of Square and the square root chapter of class 8.CBSE suggests NCERT books for academics and also for competitive exams and the vast majority of the questions are from the NCERT textbook itself. These videos are designed bearing in mind all the guidelines issued by the CBSE. It contains a step-by-step explanation of how to calculate square root using the prime factorization and long division methods in Hindi as well as in English.

CBSE/NCERT exercise solutions for class 8th Mathematics pdf download always thrives to provide a profound and robust solution for all the NCERT textbooks. This video will help students in getting their concepts of the square and square root clear. They can also clear their doubts after watching the video. All the solutions provided here are solved and explained by amazing subject experts .

This video will also help students in increasing their calculation speed. Students can refer to these videos before examinations also. This will give then a comprehensive revision of all the concepts. Students might overlook this topic due to easy concepts but they should keep in mind that square and square root is not only an important topic for school examinations but also for various competitive examinations. You can refer to these videos for the preparation of competitive exams also.

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