NCERT Class VII Chapter 6 Expert Detectives

English Honeycomb Chapter 6 explanation

Expert detective is the 6th chapter of Class 7 English Ncert textbook Honeycomb. The story revolves around a character called Mr. Nath. In the Mr. Nath locality there loved a family that has 2 children Nishad and his 10 years old sister Maya. These kids found Mr.Nath very strange as he did not have any friends or family. These kids began to investigate about him like a detective.

Chapter 6 Expert Detective explanation in Hindi

Chapter 6 Expert detective is an excellent chapter depicting the young mind of 10 years old child. Nishant though Mr.Nath as a person who is hiding from the police but in converse, her mother told that Mr.Nath is a very polite man. Nishant and Maya both had opposite opinions about him. At the end of the chapter, Nishant had a firm belief that Mr.Nath is not a bad man and he wanted to become friends with him, but Maya continued to think him of shady character.

7th class English lesson Expert Detectives explanation free download

Chapter 6 Expert Detective is explained in detail at Students can refer to the elaborate description of all the characters of Chapter 6 Expert Detective at mode of explanation followed by the instructor in both English and Hindi so that students can write answers in their own words in the examination. You can refer to this video for quick revision and summary of the Chapter 6 Expert Detective.

The explanation has been in accordance with the latest guidelines furnished by the CBSE. This will help in getting the important key points of the chapter so that you can do your preparation accordingly for the exam. This explanation will prove to be a comprehensive and exhaustive study resource for all the students. After going through this explicit illustration students won’t feel the need of reading the chapter from the textbook as the complete chapter is explained in a very simple and easy method and language.

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