NCERT english class 5 chapter 3 Bamboo curry

NCERT solutions for class 5 English – bamboo curry

Our provides NCERT solutions for class 5 chapter 3 bamboo curry. Bamboo curry is a chapter for 5th class students. The story is about one day a Santhal bridegroom visited his mother-in-law’s house. Then his mother in law cooked him a special curry. Then the bridegroom asked her what the curry was then his mother in law said that the curry was made from bamboo.

From that time the bridegroom remembered and thought that there was no bamboo in his village and he removed the bamboo door from his home. Then he asked his wife to make curry with that bamboo door. He chopped bamboo into pieces and gave it to his wife. Then his wife boiled the bamboo pieces for a long time but they were hard to eat. When the evening arrived the in-laws visited the young couple. Then they laughed at their foolishness and told the couple that the curry was made from bamboo shoots and not from bamboo doors. This is the summary of the lesson bamboo curry for class 5.

Class 5 English chapter bamboo curry question pdf

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