NCERT Mathematics Class 11 Chapter 10 Straight line

Straight-line chapter explanation and example

Chapter 10 Straight line consists of concepts such related to slopes, the angle between two lines, various forms of lines, the distance between lines. It is an important concept that students need to understand as it has wide application in real life. Straight-line can be defined as a straight path connecting two points. And slope can be considered as an inclination of the line with respect to another line.

Circumcentre topic of Chapter 10 Straight line

Circumcentre topic is an important topic for students of class 11. Students get 7 marks questions from this topic in the exam. The Circumcentre of a triangle can be defined as a point where the perpendicular bisector of a triangle meets. This is a vast topic but our experts at have come up with a simple and easy explanation. Students can get an accurate and reliable explanation of this topic at Online

CBSE Class 11 Chapter 10 7 marks question explanation

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