NCERT Mathematics Class 11th Chapter 3 Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 3 Trigonometric functions exercise

Trigonometric functions are an extension of trigonometry and find its application in various fields like navigation, solid mechanics, celestial mechanics and therefore is an important concept for students to study in-depth. The commonly used trigonometric functions are sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent. For plotting many types of graphs trigonometric ratios are used.

Exercise 3.1 explanation and solution

Chapter 3 Trigonometric functions is an important chapter of class 11. The formulas given in the chapter are used in many upcoming topics like has come with a series of videos that will help students in getting a proper understanding of the chapter. For better understanding, you should refer to Chapter 3 exercise 3.1 solution at

NCERT Mathematics Class 11th Chapter 3 Exercise 3.1 explanation and solution free download

All the questions as well as the solution and concepts are explained in both Hindi and English medium so that students get a crystal clear concept. This chapter will become the foundation of other very major chapters. It will also throw light on the precise method that should be followed for solving each question. It will help you in completing your school assignments. Every question is elucidated in a comprehensive manner.

In exercise 3.1 students will get acquainted with the conversion of radian into degree and vise versa. After understanding the concepts it is always a great practice to solve all the questions related to that concept as this will let you know how to use the concept in real life which you have learned just now. All the explanation in the video is short and concise and therefore you can refer to the exercise solution for swift revision of all the concepts during your test. Students can browse and download reliable and accurate study material of Chapter 3 Trigonometric functions at no additional cost at

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