Noun its definition. What are the kinds of noun? Give examples?

Noun its definition. What are the kinds of noun? Give examples?


A noun is a part speech that identifies a person, place, thing, quality, concept, idea, emotion, thought, or anything that exists.

There are different kinds of noun:

  1. COMMON NOUN: refers to a general class of person, place or object; For Example: city, state, person, player, book, ball.
  2. PROPER NOUN: refers to specific person, place, object, etc for example: Secunderabad, Haryana, Raju, Ravi.
  3. Abstract noun: refers to things that cannot be detected through our five senses such things cannot be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched. For Example: beauty, curiosity, love happiness, wisdom, health.
  4. CONCRETE NOUN: refers to things that can be recognized through our senses. These can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched. In others words, concrete nouns refers to physical objects that have mass; For Example, bat, water, glass, pen.
  5. COLLECTIVE NOUN: refers to a group of people, animals, or things treated as a single unit;
    For example:

    1. A crew of sailors
    2. A bunch of flowers
    3. A band of robbers
    4. A cluster/ galaxy of stars
  6. COMPOUND NOUN: is formed by the combination of two or more words
    For Example: shoe polish, football, tooth paste.
  7. .COUNTABLE NOUNS: are people, places, objects, etc. which can be counted. Such nouns can have singular or plural forms; for example, brother/brothers, city/cities, mouse/mice. These can be counted in numbers, as in two brothers or three cities.
  8. Uncountable nouns: are concepts, substances, etc. which cannot be counted because they cannot be divided into separate, individual elements; for example, water, milk, bread, oil. Uncountable nouns can however, be quantified with the addition of countable nouns, as in a glass of water, one liter of milk, two loaves of bread, three bottles of oil.

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