Cursive k: how to write k in cursive letter

onlinebadi | Jul 15, 2022

Are you looking for the page on how to write cursive k, and then here you are! We are going to explain in detail about this topic. The letter k is the most important alphabet used in any language, be it the name of a person, country, or thing.

What is Cursive K letter writing?

Cursive k is the 11th letter in the English alphabet. It is a constant. It is the most complex alphabet while writing. But, if you master it correctly, it can be written beautifully.

This is a unique and special alphabet. We also provide certain worksheets here so that you can practice well. At the same time, there are so many styles in handwriting. This page uses D’Nealian cursive because teachers and students mostly use this font style.

So hurry, grab paper and pencil and practice writing Cursive k.

Are you looking for the page on how to write cursive k, and then here you are! We are going to explain in detail about this topic.

How to write Cursive k in the capital?

Start writing Capital k from the second line, go up with the slant curve till the first line, come down with a slant line till the third line and turn it to the backside. Next, put your pencil point on the first line, make a curve till the second line, and then make another curve touching the third line.

How to write Cursive k in small?

Start writing the Cursive small letter from the third line, make a slant line till the first line, then make a loop come down to the third line again, go up till the second line, make a curve and come down with a slant line and make a small curve to the right.

Connecting letters to letter k:

The letter k usually connects better with the letter a, e and n.

Examples: kangaroo, keep, knife, and knock.

After becoming comfortable writing Cursive k, practice writing “ka”, “ke”, and “ki” as well. These are called connectors and help in forming words.

6 Advantages of Cursive k:

  1. Continuous usage of cursive handwriting helps students in their fine motor skills.
  2. It helps kids while writing examinations.
  3. Helps in book reading.
  4. It boosts brain thinking.
  5. Children can recollect the spellings of words.
  6. Writing encourages children to learn new things.

Should children practice worksheets?

  • Yes, it is the most important thing to do as it improves their imagination and boosts their creativity.
  • Make your children practice at least three letters per week. Please don’t force them to finish it off. 
  • First, let your children explore letters. Teach your children cursive handwriting patiently.
  • Make reading and writing fun

Future of cursive handwriting:

  • As digital media information and tools are increasing daily, most of them have lost interest in writing.
  • Everything in the classroom is taught through videos. Cursive handwriting lacked importance.
  • If this continues like this, some of the other days, no wonder cursive handwriting will become extinct.
  • We shouldn’t make this happen. Every parent must encourage their children to learn cursive writing.


Children must learn cursive writing because it helps them in reading books and becoming a scholar. It improves their handwriting and concentration. Initially, school children struggle to learn cursive writing, but everything falls into place with time.