Class 11 Physics question paper

Physics is a very significant subject be it your CBSE, ICSE, State boards, or competitive exams like IIT-JEE, PMT, and so forth. It is extremely good if you have a rough idea of the question paper. For that, you can solve the previous question paper available on our website. The above question paper is of 60 marks with a total of 21 questions. Students have 3 hours to solve it. There is a total of 15 chapters in the Physics class 11 syllabus.

It is divided into three sections, section A, section B, and section C. Section A has compulsory questions while section B, C has internal choices. Section A has 10 questions with a total of 10 questions, each caring 2 marks. Section B has 8 questions each having 4 marks. Students have to attempt any 6 questions of their choice. Section C has 3 questions each carrying 8 marks, students have to answer any 2 questions.

Physics question paper class 11 pdf download

At students can find samples and previous year question papers for all classes. Looking at the past Physics class 11 papers will help you in acquainting yourself with how teachers compose questions, marks distribution, and the appropriate responses that are required to solve these. Many times students write detailed long answers for the questions that require short answers. Practicing the question papers will uncover reality of your exam preparation.

It gives you the best-engaged and focused way to give a final touch to your preparation. We also provide the solution of the question papers. Students can download the paper from and practice them at their convenience. In case students find difficulty in solving paper they can watch the video on the concerned topic prepared by our experts.

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