Ringu Ringu Billa New Telugu Rhyme To Learn For Kids

Uses of telugu rhymes

Telugu rhymes boosts language development and promotes story telling. And also it develops reading skills. By learning rhymes, a child’s imagination will develop. Rhymes helps in promoting social skills and a sense of unity.

Benefits of telugu rhymes

Telugu rhymes are the foundation stone for kids to read or spell the words. Good readings give them good command over the language skills. Learning telugu rhymes expands vocabulary, oral language etc. And by learning rhymes kids learn how to pronounce the new words while singing rhymes without any pressure.

Importance of telugu rhymes

Learning rhymes teaches children how the language works. By learning rhymes kids can experience the rhythm of language. Rhymes are important for writing. It expands the imagination, rhyming is fun, and adds joy for kids. It is one of the best ways to learn and teach rhymes for kids. Now we are going to discuss one of the telugu rhymes.

Ringu Ringu Billa, Ruppayi Danda telugu rhyme for children

Ringu Ringu Billa, Ruppayi Danda.
Danda Kadura, Thamara Mogaa.
Mogaa Kadura, Mooduga Nida.
Nida Kadura, Nimmala Bavi.
Bavi Kadura, Bachala Kurra.
Kurra Kadura, Pumari Mettu.
Mettu Kadura, Medara Sippi.
Sippi Kadura, Cheepuru Katta.
Katta Kadura, Kavadhi Baddha.
Baddha Kadura, Baredu Misam.
Misam Kadura, Miriyala Podum.
Podum Kadura, Pothu Raju.

Ringu Ringu Billa, Ruppayi Danda telugu rhyme for kids

రింగు రింగు బ్యాడ్జ్ పాట:
రింగు రింగు బిల్లా, రూపేయి దండా.
దందా కదురా, తమరా మోగా.
మోగా కడురా, మూడగా నిడా.
నిడా కదురా, నిమ్మల్ బావి.
బావి కడురా, బచల కుర్రా.
కుర్రా కదురా, పుమ్రీ మెట్టు.
మాట్టూ కదురా, మేద్రా సిప్పీ.
సిప్పీ కడురా, చేపురు కట్టా.
కట్టా కదురా, కవాడి బాధ.
బడ్డా కదురా, బర్డు మిసం.
మిస్సం కదురా, మిరియాలా పోడుమ్.
పోడుమ్ కడురా, పోతు రాజు.


It is one of the telugu rhymes which is a very easy and interesting rhyme. Almost all kids like and are interested to learn rhymes. There are many benefits by learning or teaching rhymes. It’s very important to teach rhymes to kids. By learning rhymes kids mental ability will be developed.

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