To Know More About Science GK Questions And Answers In RRB NTPC

Science gk questions and answers related to rrb and ntpc is very important. It will be very useful in many of the competitive exams and from which we can gain a lot of knowledge. In many of the competitive exams science gk questions are asked. So now we are going to discuss a few science gk questions related to rrb and ntpc.

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Science GK Questions And Answers In RRB NTPC

1. Of Indian national congress, who was the first indian woman president?

a. Vijaya lakshmi pandit
b. Sarojini naidu
c. Sucheta kriplani
d. Aruna asaf ali

2. What is the SI unit of electric current?

a. Watts
b. Coulombs
c. Amperes
d. Joules

3. What is the capital city of Abu dhabi?

a. United arab emirates
b. Netherlands
c. South korea
d. Italy

4. Sauria lacertidae is the scientific name of?

a. Crocodile
b. Hippopotamus
c. Lizard
d. Housefly

5. What is the capital of Turkey?

a. Jerusalem
b. Canberra
c. Wellington
d. Ankara

6. What is the official language of Konkani?

a. Andhra pradesh
b. Arunachal pradesh
c. West bengal
d. Goa

7. The organisms that use light to prepare food are known as?

a. Autotrophs
b. Heterotrophs
c. Omnivores
d. Decomposers

8. Who wrote the book “The three musketeers”?

a. EM Forster
b. Gunter grass
c. Edward luce
d. Alexandre dumas

9. Intestinal bacteria synthesizes which vitamin in the human body?

a. Vitamin K
b. Protenis
c. Fats
d. Vitamin D

10. Ranthambore fort is in?

a. Maharashtra
b. Orissa
c. Rajasthan
d. Sikkim

11. The energy possessed by a body due to its change in position or shape is called?

a. Kinetic energy
b. Chemical energy
c. Nuclear energy
d. Potential energy

12. In India, the planned economy is based on which system?

a. Capitalist system
b. Traditional system
c. Command system
d. Socialist system

13. The longest railway platform in India is?

a. Amritsar
b. Gorakhpur
c. Kathgodam
d. Kanpur

14. “Gone with the wind” by whom this book was written?

a. Jane austen
b. William blake
c. Charles dickens
d. Margaret mitchell

15. In India, which is the first newspaper?

a. Bombay gazette
b. Bengal gazette
Boc. bay times
d. Hindustan times

16. In which lake is the longest railway bridge located in india?

a. Vembanad lake
b. Pulicat lake
c. Chilika lake
d. Kolleru lake

17. Indian railways that play an important role in our life was nationalized in?

a. 1945
b. 1951
c. 1981
d. 1990

18. The first shatabdi express was introduced between which of the following locations?

a. Bombay and thane
b. Bombay and calcutta
c. New-delhi and jhansi
d. New-delhi and chennai

19. New humsafar express, 3-tier AC train was flagged off between which two locations on 2 june 2018?

a. Ajmer and rameshwaram
b. Gorakhpur and anand vihar
c. Agartala and bengaluru
d. Jodhpur and bandra

20. Indian railway welfare organisation, that works for the welfare of the indian railway is headquartered in?

a. Mumbai
b. Chennai
c. Tamil nadu
d. New delhi

21. In which year will India get its first bullet train as per the union budget 2019?

a. 2021-22
b. 2022-23
c. 2023-24
d. 2025-26

22. In India, which of the following is the longest railway zone?

a. Northern railway
b. Central railway
c. Eastern railway
d. Western railway

23. When was the first train steamed off in india?

a. 1848
b. 1853
c. 1875
d. 1880

24. Where is the railway staff college located?

a. Pune
b. Delhi
c. Vadodara
d. Allahabad

25. 3 zonal headquarters of indian railways which of the following cities are located?

a. Kolkata
b. Guwahati
c. Mumbai
d. New delhi

26. Who was the first railway minister of independent india?

a. Asaf ali
b. Lal bahadur shastri
c. N. Gopalaswami ayyangar
d. John mathai

27. In terms of length of railroad network, what is the rank of India in the world?

a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth

28. Who wrote ‘panchatantra’?

a. Chanakya
b. Kalidasa
c. Vishnu sharma
d. None of these

29. Elephant festival is celebrated annually in which of the following cities?

a. Jodhpur
b. Jaipur
c. Kota
d. Ajmer

30. Shore temple is located in which state?

a. Kerala
b. Orissa
c. Assam
d. Tamil nadu

Science GK Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D
  6. D
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C
  11. D
  12. D
  13. B
  14. D
  15. B
  16. A
  17. B
  18. C
  19. D
  20. D
  21. B
  22. A
  23. B
  24. C
  25. A
  26. D
  27. D
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D

These are some of the questions of science gk questions and answers in rrb and ntpc which is very important and it is very useful for many competitive exams. From these we can gain a lot of knowledge.

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