Subtractraction with zero | T. M. In 3rd Class Mathematics | Easy math third grade syllabus for kids

In class 3rd you are going to learn about subtracting with zero. It is the subtopic that is taken from the chapter Subtraction. From this, you are going to learn. How the subtraction will be functions and their methods.

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It is like an addiction, if we subtract 0 from any number, we will get the same sum. For example,13-0=13. If we are subtracting, we must use borrowing to solve the problem.

Borrowing is the method used for the subtracting numbers with more than one digit.

Problems: All these solutions will help you to get a grade, for example, the first number in the subtraction or minuend has zeros.

Subtraction with zeros
5 0
8 is more than 0
– 3 8 Need to regroup(borrow)


4 10
5 0

-3 8 Take 1 from 5, so 5 becomes4.
———- add 10 to 0, so 0 becomes 10.
4 10
5 0

-3 8
———- Do the subtraction
1 2 10-8=2


So now you have got an idea about the subtraction with the zero, and you need to know about subtraction is a partial function it decreases the minuend digit mi+1 by one, Or continuing to borrow leftwards until there is a non-zero digit from which to borrow.

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