Symmetric and Skew-symmetric matrix question and explanation

Class 12th mathematics Matrices

Matrices are an important aspect of mathematics. It has a wide application in linear transformation and also in vectors. A matrix equal to its transpose is known as a symmetric matrix. And if you want to clear all your doubts regarding the Symmetric and skew-symmetric matrix, then you can refer to

Expressing the matrices as the sum of a symmetric and skew-symmetric

Symmetric and skew-symmetric are just a small component of matrices but have lots of calculations. For the students of class 12, it is really important and necessary that they have in-depth knowledge of all the topics given in the mathematics NCERT book to get ahead of their competitors. In this video, the instructor will be explaining how to express the given matrix as the sum of a symmetric matrix and skew-symmetric matrix. He has worked out four questions in the video so that the students don’t get stuck in solving similar questions in the examination.

Examples on symmetric and skew-symmetric pdf download aims to help all the class 12th aspirants to crack their boards with flying colors. So we have come up with a series of videos to make their preparation easy. You can refer to these videos for an uncomplicated explanation. For students appearing on boards, it is necessary for them to do smart learning as it will help them in saving their time. The videos here contain all the latest topics from the syllabus issued by the CBSE.

The explains are designed keeping in mind the ease of students. Students can download these videos from with no hidden cost. You can watch them as and when required. The solutions provided here are very comprehensible and elaborate. Visit for the more absorbing explanation on the Class12th mathematics Matrices chapter. These study materials will be an excellent resource for your school and also board exam preparations.

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