Telugu Nursery rhymes for kids By Telugu

Nursery rhymes in Telugu

What is the best way to teach rhyme other than a fun and interactive nursery rhyme video? The animations used here are very pleasant and enjoyable. The video also has Telugu subtitles which will enhance the reading skills of your kid. These rhymes will help in increasing memory abilities. By increasing the reparations of these videos kids can learn how a language works and what is the meaning of those words.

The video contains an interesting cartoon demonstration and rhyming words which will make children more interested in watching them. These rhymes will help your youngster’s mind to separate among syllables and to recognize similitudes between words that rhyme or words that start with similar sounds.

Nursery rhyme for kids download video is the best website when it comes to teaching young kids. We also provide fun stories for them in a very hilarious way. Our story and rhymes also contain a moral message so that kids learn qualities like empathy, kindness, honesty, etc. after watching them. The video contains 12 children nursery rhymes. These Rhymes are Chandamama Raave, Akasi Popsi, Chinnari, Papay Kanulu Kaluv Rekha, Chitti Chilakamma, and many more. These will help in the development of the speech of your child by helping them how to speak different words and pronounce them. These rhymes offer oral help to young kids and help in their improvement of hearing mindfulness.

The videos will also help n the creative development of your kids. The words utilized in nursery rhymes assist kids with creating language perception by partnering words with individuals, articles, and occasions in their everyday life. These nursery rhymes can be phenomenal discussion openers between guardians, their folks, and grandparents.parents can download these videos so that their young developing kids can watch them at any time.

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