Telugu Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Telugu nursery rhymes are very important for kids. Repetition of rhymes is good for a child’s brain. Nursery rhymes are important because it helps in the development of the child’s speech. By learning rhymes kids can know the difference between sounds and music of the words. By saying rhymes repeatedly, a kid’s mouth and tongue muscles can be developed.

By learning nursery rhymes, a child’s vocabulary will increase. These are great introductions for poetry. These nursery rhymes expand the kid’s imagination. From learning many rhymes a child can learn social skills. It’s very important to learn telugu nursery rhymes for kids. It’s very essential. There are many benefits by learning rhymes. It is very useful for kids. Teaching rhymes for kids is very important. By teaching rhymes for kids there will be many benefits all kids like to learn or read rhymes.

Here are some of the telugu nursery rhymes for kids

  1. Enugu enugu
  2. Pushpakam
  3. Mamidi pandu
  4. Meow meow
  5. Rama chilakka illekada
  6. Udutha udutha
  7. Thotalona telugu te avu
  8. Kuroko kuroko mamidi
  9. Kaki kaki
  10. Esukha ella
  11. Kuka pilla
  12. Telugu aksham
  13. Chandamama rave
  14. Chilaka chilaka
  15. Chala chala chala
  16. Guram
  17. Kopray chadu
  18. Telugu basha
  19. Aarate chetu
  20. Laddu laddu


These are some telugu nursery rhymes which are very useful and important for kids. By learning telugu nursery rhymes physically and mentally kids can grow up. It’s very important to teach rhymes for kids and by teaching stories also there are many benefits.

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