There are many advantages by doing a government job. The salary for government employees depends upon the job and work pressure. Government jobs provide a sense of financial job security. For government employees they get salary every month on time but,where as compared to private jobs they don’t get salaries every month on time because it depends on the work done by them.

They get pensions until they die. It’s just like a complete insurance of life but in private jobs they don’t get any kind of pension. They never have to fear that in the future they can retire peacefully. In government jobs if they work for 1hour or 8hours they get the same salary. Even free health care is available and workload will be less. They can get a maximum number of holidays in a year.

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For example:

if the one grade promotes to a higher post in the same pay band, so only the grade pay would change. Whereas if you are a direct recruit to grade pay of RS. 4600 then the entry pay in the pay band would be 12540 of yours. That means then your basic pay will be, i.e. pay in the pay band + grade pay it would be

12540 + 4600 = rs. 17140/-

  • Then calculating the present DA on that is i.e. 125% of basic (17140)
  • DA=21425
  • Plus HRA and House rent allowance depending on the x,y or, z class of cities
  • (10,20,30%) supposing you are posted in the Delhi you will get 30% HRA
  • So HRA=RS.5142
  • Pulse transport allowance

For the grade pay of 4600/- then transport allowance is Rs.1600/-p.m and you will get the DA on that too i.e the total TA + DA on TA =1600 + 2000 (125 of 1600)= 3600

Gross salary = Rs. 17140 + 21425/- + 5142 +3600 = Rs. 47307 Now comes the deduction. 10% of basic pay deducted for NPS, Rs 40 CGEGIS and, Rs. 325 for CGHS
So this is the basic pay structure, with some little changes depending on the situation.


Government jobs are having many advantages. Everyone likes to do it but it’s very difficult to get a government job. The salary of government jobs will be different from job to job and there will be some deductions even in there salary. It depends on the work pressure.

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