The basics of geometry Perimeter and area

Class 6 Maths Perimeter and area

Perimeter and area are very basic as well as an important topic in Mathematics. Perimeter is nothing but the length of the limit of the plane figure. These are the physical parts of arithmetic. The area is the region enclosed inside the limit of the plane figure. A clear understanding of these topics will help students in understanding complex topics like algebra, geometry, calculation, etc.

The video explains the perimeter of the plane figures like rectangle, square in very interactive visual illustrations. It includes the formula and examples, properties of each plane figure. The basics of perimeter and area will help students in clearing all the doubts and will also help students in building their foundation for geometry.

Perimeter and area pdf download is one of the best e-learning websites. We provide an easy and simple step by step solution and explanation of all the complex topics. The videos are prepared by our experts who are well revised with the syllabus of all classes. After watching the videos students should solve all the questions of Perimeter and the area provided on our website.

This will help them in building a strong foundation of Geometry. Those students who want to gain the concept of plane figures should watch these videos. The videos also explain how the area and perimeter of various plane surfaces are derived. Plane surfaces are those figure which is 2 -dimensional and has a length and breadth. Students can download these videos and watch them before revising for the exams.

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