Tips And Tricks To Study Class 11 Physics Easily

Meaning of physics

Physics is a branch of science which deals with matter and its relation of energy. Physics involves study of physical and natural phenomena around us. For example: Formation of rainbow, falling the things from up to down etc. Physics class 11 is concerned with every aspect of the universe.

Benefits of physics

By learning physics there are many benefits like by studying physics we can make technological advances, understanding the world, and even by learning physics we can make all things possible and also physics class 11 teaches us how to think over it etc. These are some of the benefits of learning physics.

So, now we are going to discuss a few tips to study physics subjects easily without any kind of pressure and tension.

  1. Understand the chapter properly with each and every topic without skipping any of the topics.
  2. Try to visualize the various mechanisms, processes and experiments.
  3. Should note down important points while teaching the chapter like definitions, formulas, diagrams, equations etc.
  4. Try to solve even example problems by solving example problems so we can understand the concept more easily.
  5. Mainly should focus on important topics from each chapter.
  6. Should follow timetable very strictly and also should allocate equal time for all the topics and with proper study breaks.
  7. Should practice previous year question papers repeatedly so that important questions will be covered.
  8. Before the examination students should not panic. If they panic they may forget the answers so that before examination without having any kind of tension revise the important questions and topics once again.
  9. Should not waste time on spending more time on social media.
  10. Make proper notes and that can be revised at the time of examination.
  11. Generate interest in the subject by participating in many of the classroom activities and lab activities.
  12. Should learn formulas thoroughly without having any kind of confusion. All formulas should be noted chapter wise.
  13. Learn all basic maths formulas and concepts like log, vectors, graphs, trigonometry etc.
  14. Don’t learn chapters, learn concepts chapters are not important concepts are important.
  15. Revising the concepts at home which were discussed in the classroom.
  16. Should pay attention in the class is the most important thing. Without paying attention in the class nothing will be understood.
  17. Should practice more problems because the more we practice the better we understand them.
  18. We should never lose confidence in ourselves. Should be bold always if we lose confidence we can’t reach our goals.
  19. We should find some techniques to remember a few formulas, equations etc.
  20. We should understand the concept and should try to implement those in our daily life by doing that we never forget that topic in our whole life.


These are some tips and tricks to learn physics very easily. If we follow these given tips it will be a very easy subject and can score very good marks. The main thing is we should have some basic knowledge about the topic. If we follow these tips it’s very easy to learn physics.

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