Tips to Prepare For Inter Final Exams and Chemistry Subject

Are you a student feeling anxious about preparing for the inter final exams?

So you spent a lot of time studying and still struggling with exams. What now?

First, you know that you are not alone, some of the best students have had problems at some point, so move on!

This article helps you to prepare for inter exams and chemistry study tips.


Most of the students fear on there final exams and they will depend on the model Papers. Students depending on model papers get only less marks. To score good marks keep interest on textbooks, daily classes, and regular attendance to the college. So, that you can understand thoroughly from basic points.

The 12th Exam of the Intermediate Class is one of the most important examinations for students. This not only means the end of a student’s school life, but also paves the way for new academic opportunities and personal growth. In addition, students’ future careers depend entirely on the scores obtained on the grade 12 examination board.

Achieving good results makes student work easier and they will be one step closer to the educational career they are aiming for or pursuing. Although grade 12 examinations have one factor as a determining factor for entering good colleges and institutes and even qualifying for entrance examinations, students need to prepare well and effectively for exams. For this purpose, students can use study materials and references and previous year’s reports which are provided online.

Moreover, preparation, which is based solely on a results-based approach, is of the utmost importance for Grade 12 students. Therefore, all subjects should be given equal importance as this ensures the same level of performance and the same results. To help students prepare better, we’ve listed some useful tips they can follow and do well on the Intermediate Board exam.

How to Prepare Inter Final Exams Tips

  • Learn the lessons taught in the classroom each day after returning home, as these will stay fresh in your mind. Even the slightest doubt should be clarified with the teacher the next day.
  • Chalk up a neatly laid out timetable for the preparation of your board exams so that you allocate enough time to each subject.
    Choose the most convenient time for you to study, whether in the morning or at night.
  • Solve as many questions as possible and practice the books. Follow previous year’s questions to find out the trend and type of frequently asked questions.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Do not ignore your weaknesses; Instead, focus on improving them. Take guidance and advice from your teachers.
  • What you have studied and do not take or study a new one before the exams even if you one confused
  • Make a weekly revision plan after you have completed the entire syllabus.
  • Keep yourself fit during exams. Eat healthy and get enough rest. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Set some time during the day to relax because a fresh mind and body will help you to function accurately and efficiently.
  • Do not be stressed or nervous before the exams, as this will only waste your quality time. Be patient and continue practicing
    Arrive at the exam hall a little earlier instead of scrambling at the last minute. Make sure you carry all the important items like admit card, pen, pencil, eraser etc. Settle in your seat and keep everything in order. Stay calm and compose
  • Be mentally alert and read the questions carefully as any silly mistake or misunderstanding of the questions can be very harmful.
  • Look five minutes after you get the paper. Instead of wasting time with the hardest ones, start with the ones you are most confident in.
  • If you get stuck with a question, move on with others instead of standing on it for too long. Once you have completed the easy and moderate ones, try the others.
  • Following a group study well helps to get new ideas from your classmates and lots of research tells us that students who regularly practice in study groups and up with higher grades.
  • When you are studying with classmates ,take advantage of this opportunity and discuss new concepts or problem solving strategies with other students.
  • When you review a problem collectively instead of understanding how to approach particular problems you come up with several ways in which you can ask other Questions about that system .Is there any other parameter we can ask you to resolve How does the problems change in different situations it well help you to think and practice different problems solving strategies

Chemistry Study Tips

Most of the learning chemistry takes time. Chemistry is a hard subject to understand and it takes more time to learn. We need to practice periodic tables and its formulas to learn chemistry in an easy way. Try to do example problems, most of the important pieces of advice in this list are looking at your notes and following along with problems won’t help you learn. Must do your practice problems by your own skills you need to learn by doing problems. sometimes by watching a teacher do it or by reading a textbook.


Chemistry is a topic that can be a little confusing at times because it involves a lot of equations, reactions, formulas, experiments and calculations. Therefore students must

  • Do an in-depth study of the subject and practice it extensively.
  • First understand the basic concepts and then move on to the complex.
  • Write important formulas and equations on a piece of paper or chart and review them each day. This will help students remember them clearly during the exam.
  • Use the lab often. Students acquire practical knowledge and develop better understanding of concepts.
  • The laboratory part is very important.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Study chemistry when you wake up
  • Learn more effectively, not just more!
  • Use work time
  • Use study groups

Always follow good handwriting on exams that bring a good impression in the minds of examiners that bring extra marks. Take the necessary equipment with you and never ask other candidates in the exam hall. Do not respond or peep into the other paper in the exam hall that wastes your time.

Keep trying first !! Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. There are tons of resources because we know you can do this with the right tools. If you don’t know where to start, just ask to see one of the technical specialists, teachers, or course instructors. They are to help you succeed!

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