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What is Trading?
What is the importance of stock market trading?
How is Nifty traded?

The stock market refers to the people that exist for buying,selling and issuing of stocks. Stocks are also called equity. Stock market is a place where investors buy and sell ownership of such investable assets. Here are some of the questions and answers related to stock market trading let us have a glance about it.

Trading FAQs:

What are the different types of options?

Ans: There are two types of options call option and put option.
Call option is given to buy an option contract
Put option is given to sell an option contract

How nifty is traded?

Ans: Nifty is an index option. An index is a collection of stocks such as nifty 50,bank nifty etc. Each of these options has there own premium,lot size,and expiry date

What is an option trade?

Ans: An option trade means buying or selling a call or put option. We can trade in equity,commodity and currency options. We can pay a premium for buying an option while receiving a premium for selling an option.

What is NSE option expiry time?

Ans: 1 month option contracts expire on the last thursday of the month in case the last thursday of the week is a trading holiday,the previous trading day is the expiry day.

What are the option trading hours in India?

Ans: The market timings to trade is 9:15am to 3:30pm on trading days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays)

What are Naked options?

Ans: When a trader sells an option but if they don’t hold the underlying instrument,then it is known as Naked option.


Many people trade in the stock market and earn profits. Trading is nothing but buying and selling there are many options in trading. So in the above there were some questions and answers about trading where many people have doubts.

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