Ultimate Teacher Interview Questions And Answers Guide

Answering the teacher interview questions doesn’t just seek skills and proficiency but also, an influential personality and good people management skills. So here are some of the most common teacher interview questions and answers along with tips to deliver them correctly in the ends.

1.Tell me something about yourself?

My name is sneha. I have completed my post graduation four years ago and I have been teaching since then. My hobbies are reading, singing, dancing and exploring myself.

2. Why did you decide to become the teacher?

Right from my childhood my father used to tell me the greatness of teachers and their contribution in making students achieve their goals, from then I always wanted to be a teacher. It’s been four years since i completed my graduation and started my journey as a teacher, from then teaching became more like my passion then profession and i strongly believe when passion and profession come together they make a great combination.

3. So what do think about the qualities required to be a good teacher?

I think there are many qualities that a teacher must posses and mainly:

  • Knowledge on the subject
  • Passion for teaching
  • Love and care for children
  • Patience
  • And one should be a lifelong learner.
4. What do students look for in a teacher?

Students always look for a friendly teacher. They want a good guide and a great philosopher who can make their life worthwhile.

5. We can say every child has a special talent, so how do you identify their talents?

As a teacher we strongly believe each child is born with innate talents and the teacher is the perfect person to make that diamond shine. So, during classroom activities, culture events and sports, we will try my best to push each in the area of expertise.

6. Tell us more about your teaching style?

We think each teacher has a different teaching style whereas my teaching style is application based, so i like to connect the concepts of books with practical reality so that the students can relate.

7. What is the role of technology in teaching? Is it really helpful in teaching?

We strongly believe that to teach students we have to come to their level and connect with them and I think technology is a strong bridge between students and teachers. I would like to show them some videos related to topics in the class and make them do homework and assignments so that I can make them use the internet in a proper way. It also helps at the time of bad conditions so that students cannot attend school but they can attend classes online.

8. There are a number of people waiting outside this room for this job so why should we hire you?

There is no comparison between me and the people waiting outside, each one has their own strengths but i can ensure that if you have me one chance, i will give my best to excel the job.

9. What are your salary expectations?

I would like my salary to be according to common standards, my qualifications and my experience and I would like you to consider that a change of job involves risk.


Here i would like to say “A mother gives birth but a teacher gives worth” From the above all we can conclude that there is a lot of work hard, patience, dedication required for teaching the students. It is also important to acquaint them with new trends and core values of lives. And from the above all factors make a provision for a good teaching and good society.

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