What is a business report? Structure of formal business report and feasibility report

A ‘’business report’’ can be described as an organized, written statement of facts related to business or commercial interests prepared after investigation and presented to the concerned persons with or without recommendations.

Structure of a Formal Business Report

A formal report generally has three sections:

Section I: Front Part or Front Page

  • Title page: This consists of the title of the report, the report, the organisation’s name, to whom the report is written to, the writer’s name and date of submission.
  • Preface: This contains the salient features of the report. And mentioning this optional.
  • Letter of transmittal: This is a brief cover letter from the report writer stating the purpose of writing the report. It often includes objectives or highlights of the report.
  • Acknowledgement: this is written to thank all those people who helped the report writer to prepare the report
  • Table of contents: This contains lists of heads and subheads in the report with page number
  • List of illustrations: This lists of heads and subhead in the prepared report with page numbers
  • Summary: This gives an overall information or summary by focusing on important information in the report

Section II: Main Body

  • Introduction: Introduction of the report is toprovide background information of the report
  • Methodology: this summarises the mode of collecting the data and the method of investigation
  • Discussion or description: this is the main part of the report. It discusses the problem at length, presents analysis and interpretation of the data and so on. Depending upon the length of this section, it can further be divided into heads and subheads.
  • Conclusion: this is the closing of the report based on the information or facts observed

Recommendations: this section provides solution, remedies or methods to solve a problem or improve situation

Section III: Back Part or Closing Part

  • Reference: This presents the list of sources referred or used in the report
  • Appendices: This contains questionnaires, enclosers, graphs and so on

Structure of a feasibility report

Introduction: The starting lines of a report is always to mention the purpose of writing the report

Body: Description or discussion of the situation

Conclusion: the one who writes the report shares his opinion based on facts

Few important points which will help in preparing a feasibility report easily

  • Groundwork: Before preparing a report it is important to understand the market and to know the market

Studying the market: To know the mind set of people for a particular product. At the same time this will help the company know the requirement of the people relating to the product

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