What is adverb? What are types of adverb explain with examples?

Adverbs are words used to modify verbs, adjectives, and others adverbs. They add meaning to the word they modify.

Ex: 1. The old man walks slowly.

      Adverb slowly modifies the verb walks

      2.This place is very peaceful.

      Adverb very modifies the adjective peaceful

     3. The news came quite suddenly.

       Adverb quite modifies the adverb suddenly

There are different types of adverbs.

AdverbTell us…..Example
MannerHow something happensShe came in quickly.
FrequencyHow often something happensHe goes to the market daily.
TimeWhen something happensStudents have a farewell party today.
PlaceWhere somethingHe wants us to wait outside his room.
DegreeThe intensity or degree of somethingThe new shop is too far.

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