What is concord? Does it have anything to do with verb? Illustrate with examples.

A sentence has two main parts: subject and verb. Subject tells us who the doer is or what the sentence is about. Verb describes the action of the sentence. The subject of a sentence can be a noun or a pronoun. It can be singular or plural.

To make a sentence meaningful and grammatically correct, the two parts of a sentence—subject and verb – should match or agree with each other. The agreement between subject and verb in person, number, gender or case is called concord or subject—verb agreement. However, it is the subject that determines the verb.

For example:

  • Everyone in the group is welcome to give suggestions.

In the above sentence the word everyone issubject; and give is verb.

  • A supreme court judge retires at 65.

Judge: subject; retires: verb

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