What is report writing? Points to remember? Various kinds of report?

A report is a formal statement of facts written for a specific audience to meet specific needs. The word ‘’report’’ comes from the Latin reportare, which means ‘’carry back’’. Thus, a report is a description of an event or a situation, based on facts, to someone who was not present in the scene.

Report play a key role in any organization and government offices.

The following are some important points to remember while writing report:

  1. It is a formal statement of facts
  2. It should be conventional in form
  3. It should meet the needs of a specific audience
  4. It should include analysis and interpretation of data the procedure for the collection of data
  5. It should contain conclusions reached by the writer based on the data or facts observed
  6. It may include suggestions or recommendations, where required

Reports may be categorized into different types on basis of need, audience, periodicity, communicative form, nature, scope and so on.

A report may be formal or informal, oral or written, or informational or analytical depending on the significance of the information. Oral reports are informal in nature and they present information face-to-face. Some organisations prefer oral reports followed by written reports as they give immediate feedback and help in taking quick decisions. Since the authenticity of oral reports Is questionable unless recorded, organisations prefer written reports.

Written reports are necessary for information storage and future reference. Generally, reports are written in the past tense as the information provided in the report is based on facts observed or data collected.

The following are the different kinds of formal reports:

Reports are divided into two: 1. Oral 2. Written

Written reports are classified into two:

  1. Formal
  2. informal

Formal reports are informative and are divided into:

  1. Feasibility report: It deals with new reports, gathers data and facts observed. And concludes
  2. Progress report: Is routine report which is written for lab reports, inspection reports, inventory reports etc. Basically this is written to show the present progress on the existing project
  3. Evaluation report: Is an interpretive report written to assess the strength and weaknesses. Comments on the previous, present and future of the existing project. Closing of the report is done with recommendations.

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