What is time and tense?

Tense is a change in verb to express time at which the action of the verb takes place. Tense means time. There are three tenses and each of them has four main divisions.

Basically there are three tenses past, present and, future. But each tense will have four divisions. All together there will be twelve tenses.


Name of the tenseUsesExamplesClues words/time identification
Simple present tense1.Habitual Actions 2. Universal Truths 3.Planned Future An1. He goes to college at 8 O clock daily 2. The sun rises in the EastUsually, generally, always, frequently, rarely, often, never, some times every day week/month/year
Simple past tenseAction that completed at some time in pastHe came to my house yesterdayYesterday, last week/ month/ year, ago once, at that time
Simple future tenseAction that takes place at some time in futureWe shall go to picnic next SundayTomorrow, next week/ month/ year
Present continuous tenseAn action which will be going at the time of speaking or during the present timeThey are preparing for SSC nowNow, at present, look! Listen, don’t disturb
Past continuous tenseAn action was going on at some time in the pastThey were playing cricket yesterday afternoonWhen/while
Future continuous tenseAn action which will be going on in the future-at 7’O clock tomorrow morningAt this time + tomorrow/ next week /next month/next year
Present perfect tenseAn action which is just completed in the past but its time is not givenHe has just gone out I have seen him some where beforeJust, just now, already, so far, till now, recently, lately, yet, ever
Past perfect tenseAn action that had completed before another action in the past simple pastThe train had already left when we reached the stationWhen/ before/ after as soon as/ that
Future perfect tenseAn action that will be completed by certain time in futureI will have seen that movie by this time tomorrowBy + tomorrow/ next week/ month/ year
Present perfect continuousAn action that started at some time in the past and is still going onWe have been living in Hyderabad for past five yearsSince/ for, how long
Past perfect continuousAn action which started at some time in the past and had been in progress until some other action happened in the pastWhen I went to the station last Sunday at 9 ‘O clock my friend had been waiting for me for 2 hoursSince/for
Future perfectAn action which will have been in progress ever a period of time in futureBy the time Mr. sharma retire in 2011, he will have been doing that job for 30 yearsSince / for

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